About Your Shoot

Yay! You took a brave step in booking your shoot...Whether you are an actor, artist, solo musician, band, single parent, big family, fiancé, small business owner, CEO or you just want pictures of yourself! Your IMAGE is unique and important.... And NOW YOU are one step closer to SEEING your goals, dreams and vision happen! 

Preparing for it.....

Being photographed isn't a natural thing for humans. Even super models have bad days in front of the camera. But the fastest way to get away from an awkward, painful to a FUN, AWESOME, RELAXED photo session is simple.  Take a BIG BREATH, get a hug or give yourself one, and celebrate the moment - be yourself and allow me to freeze frame glimpses of your shiniest self. I'm all about making the outward appearance the canvas for the colors and light you posses inwardly. Wrap your mind around your vision. What do you want from your shoot? Its different for everyone. When its clear to you, I can help take your vision further. Do your best to clear your head, let go of whatever you're stressing about or what your mom thinks your photos should look like. Don't be shy! Bring all of YOU!

Assess your hair, get a trim if needed. If you've hired Make-up & Hair, come fresh and clean, so your Artist can style your look/s. If you have sensitive skin or need particular hair products, SPEAK UP!

Drink water, eat well, moisturize, be rested. It takes more energy than you might think to be ON and be OPEN for 2+ hours. The camera doesn't lie, if you're tired, Photoshop can hide the dark circles, but it can't magically produce the real glow that comes from a good nap!

Bring options of things to wear. Even if it stays in your car, nothing is worse than realizing what you're wearing isn't working and being stuck in it. If you are an actor or artist please see FAQs

I shoot mainly with natural light and some studio lights. If the weather abruptly changes and I feel it would be best to reschedule, I WILL LET YOU KNOW! Please don't assume our shoot is cancelled. Sometimes overcast skies provide the best light!!

On the day....

You'll arrive on time to the indoor/outdoor garage studio space or location that we have agreed to and shake off the jitters. Give me a hug, meet your Make-Up Artist, if you've hired one, and together we will go over the wardrobe options that you brought, and any prop furniture, backdrops or other details that pertain to the shoot we have discussed. We'll pick out some music to play and I'll take a few test shots to be sure the light is right. Then, very naturally without you even realizing it, I'll be clicking away. You'll be chatting, laughing, feeling things, showing me sides of you that others may have to dig for, but you will feel so IN your skin and comfortable that being open will be fun and easy!

Shoots last from 1-4 hours depending on the session. This includes the time to sit for Make-Up/Hair if you have hired an Artist. Bring a snack, drops in blood sugar/energy show on camera!  I am happy to show you your raw images throughout the shoot so that we are on the same page. Remember that photos will look different on the small screen of my camera than on a computer screen or canvas print. If you see something that you're not sure of, ASK! If you don't like how you look, and its something I can change.....Speak up! Your trust is important to me and I'm always open to hearing your thoughts and feelings. The best way to build trust is honesty....

Once I feel that we've covered all your desired looks within the time frame of your session and you are overjoyed with the YOU we've captured, that's a Wrap!!! CONGRATS!!! Celebrate! Treat yourself! You did it!

(Please come prepared with payment in cash or check, unless we have agreed to a PayPal or Square Ca$h App transaction. If you have already paid a deposit, it will be applied toward your total. If the shoot went over-time, there is an additional 100/per hour charge. Please also come with a separate check or cash payment for your Make-Up Artist. If you would like an invoice or proof of purchase, just let me know.)

What comes next.....?

With in 72 hours, but usually less, I will email you a link to download your images. There may be a window (sometimes 2 weeks) of time in which you are able to access the link, so be sure you have space on your computer or a hard drive that will hold all the files. Please be sure to save your photos in two separate places, in case of a computer crash. I'll keep an archive of your shoot. I will have already removed any images where you may have blinked or that are technically unusable. Because my rates are based on time not looks, you may have several to choose from. I'm happy to tell you which image from each look that I feel are your strongest, but at the end of the day, it is up to you (and your representation, if you're an actor) to determine which images to use online or print. After making that selection, you send me the image numbers from the photo files for retouching. For most sessions, there are at least 2 image retouches included, free of charge. Please see Retouching Rates or FAQ's for additional info.

Printing and usage

There are many reliable places to print your photos once you have the final image file. Argentum, Reproductions, Prints Charm'n, Costco, and more depending on your needs.

All images taken by me are to be used ethically, with integrity and not used for re-sale, unless we have a written agreement. Any of my images that are printed, for personal or online use or posted to any social media should be PROPERLY CREDITED. If you have questions about licensing or copyrights, please contact me.

Photo Credit

My business is carried by WORD OF MOUTH, I appreciate you sharing your enthusiasm about our shoot! Please remember to be respectful of that and use any of the following for credit:

  • True Moxie Photography  (for Face Book)
  • @truemoxieimage  (for Instagram)
  • www.truemoxieimage.com
  • Photo by Audrey of TrueMoxie Image
  • Photo by TrueMoxie Image