Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Bio-Editorial" ?

An image of you that looks like a very authentic, yet stylized version of you. Often paired with a quote, interview or brief bio/article about you. Used for marketing, branding, social media, PR, press packets, etc.

What is the difference between a Commercial and Theatrical Head Shot? Why have both?

A toothy smile vs. more dramatic or serious expression. One is used to book national ads for food, cars, cell phone provider, toothpaste or what have you. The other is used to book roles in plays, TV or film. Using these shots strategically and effectively has the potential to make or break your career and open doors of opportunity. Specific varying looks can help a casting director or producer see YOU in different roles or think of you for other projects in the future.

What should I wear for my photo session?

Head Shots: A variety of non-graphic, solid colored and/or textured tops, jeans or something basic on bottom. Colors and necklines that compliment your skin tone and bone structure. Bring glasses if you have them.

Bio-Editorials: A variety of clothing (tops, bottoms, dresses, athletic, uniform, bathing suit, accessories, etc.) that express YOUR STYLE and/or the IMAGE you are creating with your photos.

Do you help with styling?

Part of my job is to work with you to achieve the best shots to get you where you want to be. That includes pre-shoot dialogue through email or on the phone about what SPECIFICALLY you need, which covers going over looks and different outfits on the day of the shoot. Do your own homework though, the key is to look and feel like the BEST YOU, and only you can bring that to our shoot or on set.

Why hire a Make-UP Artist? Male grooming?

 Ladies! Sometimes we think we know how our make-up looks based on filtered selfies....Make-up looks different on professional cameras and can drastically ENHANCE or DISTRACT from WHO YOU ARE. It is important to look as close to your photo as you can in person, so when you walk in the room to go on tape, your IMAGE matches YOU and leaves the best representation of you behind.

Guys! "Male grooming" is so underrated. I highly suggest this for getting that pop off the page look. Getting some light base, concealer and powder will make a difference in your photos, just like it does on camera. A little hair product, even if you don't use any regularly, will go a long way. Also, be sure to have had your hair cut or styled with in a week of your shoot, so that it looks natural and fresh.

What if I have bloating or a bad break out? Visible mole?

The best way to prep for your session is to avoid eating too much salt and drink plenty of water a few days before. Use lots of moisturizer on your face, guys you too. If you have a few blemishes on the day, no worries, just plan to have a Make-Up artist and we'll leave the rest to the magic of retouching! Having said that, if you have a visible birthmark or mole, pigmented or flesh tone, that is noticeable on camera, I may lessen it a tiny bit, but I won't remove it. Think of it as your 'signature' something that sets you apart from the rest......above all, YOU must look like YOU- whether on paper, online, or in the room!

Will the Make-Up Artist stay for the whole shoot?

The rates for additional time/looks for Make-up and Hair depends on the individual artist. Please contact me for a list of artists, unless you are bringing your own with you.

Will you help me pick out my photos afterward?

With in 72 hours of our shoot, I will send you a link to your images. I will have already removed any images where you may have blinked or that are technically unusable. Because my rates are not based on looks, you may have several to choose from. I'm happy to tell you which image from each look that I feel are your strongest, but at the end of the day, it is up to you and your representation to determine which images to use online or print. After making that selection, you send me the image numbers from the photo files for retouching.

Why is retouching necessary?

When it comes to photo editing of any kind, I have a light hand. I do my best to keep the final image as true to how YOU look in every way. Often times, the best shots come from being in the moment, fly-aways, bra strap, piece of lint, skewed composition, and all YOUR glory. Sometimes the teeth need a little digital brushing, sometimes the eyes need a little digital visine. But mostly its to be sure your skin tone, the lighting and cropping are optimal for use online and in print. To get your MONEY SHOT final and polished, it takes software, a keen eye and time.

What if I'm not happy with my photos?

Again, my job is to help you achieve the BEST images of YOU. However, there are no refunds. If after all technical & moral support, second-opinions, and self-reflecting you still are not happy with your photos, I would be happy to book you again at a discount. Ultimately, you are your own investment. And you are worth it.